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So Just What is an “Annual Planning” Meeting?

This type of two-day meeting is known as an “Annual Planning Meeting” and all successful businesses do it every year.

It is a structured meeting that all of your team attends so that you spell out your plans for growth in 2023.

Even if it’s just you – or you only have one staff person – this is still THE HIGHEST VALUE AND ABSOLUTE BEST USE of your time.

Annual Planning is about getting your team together for two full days, to learn lessons from the previous year and to think more clearly and strategically about growth and the opportunities for the year ahead – something that you never would do unless you allocate the time to do so.

It gets you intensely focused on what is required to be successful in 2023 and crucially, gets all of your team to buy into what that requirement is.

You set the 2023 goal – but they’re involved in the building of the plan to achieve it and in that way they’re more likely to execute the plan and hit your goal.

Plus, it’s a really fun exercise that allows your team to bond, gets your staff to gel together and it’s something that sets the tone for growing a better culture in your practice.

Re-Energize, Re-Set, Re-Focus and Re-Prioritize – EVERYTHING!

It’s also about resetting, refocusing, re-energizing and most importantly, re-prioritizing all of your resources and activities for 2023.

Nothing is more important.

Every serious business owner holds this type of meeting and it’s often when the staff realize that the owner is deadly serious about growing the company.

It’s not the best way to get them all on board.

It’s the ONLY way to get them all on board.

Admittedly, I never used to see the value in doing an Annual plan.

I always thought I “didn’t have time to do it.”

I never thought it would be something that I could get my team to buy-in-to or that they would enjoy doing.

But really, I just didn’t know how to do it right.

It was because I wasn’t sure about what I was even doing that I never felt confident about getting my team together to do it.

It was because I wasn’t confident on how to do the annual planning meeting that I didn’t think I would get the value from having all of my team get together to do this type of thing.

But since then, I’ve gone away and studied how to hold a productive annual planning meeting and in the last 6 years I’ve never missed one in any of my companies.

It’s also something that every one of my team, in every one of my businesses, absolutely must attend.

After all, if they don’t attend – how do they possibly know what they need to do to help me grow the business?

“I Believe That 2023 Is Going to Be a Successful Year for The Practice Owners Who Plan to Be Successful

Let's face it - most owners are not really planning for success.

And that’s why they get nothing but disappointment.

They have a Christmas “wish list” that they trot out every year that is all of the things they hope will happen in the next 12 months.

They won’t admit it, but they’re living in what I call “Hope Land.”

They are high on the “Hopium” that is freely available in “Hope Land”.

They “hope” that they’re going to make $200k in profit…

They “hope” that their business will grow enough to get to a second premises…

They “hope” that all of their best staff will stay so they don’t have to recruit again…

They “hope” that their marketing will turn out OK…

They “hope” that they’ll finally be able to take more than a week’s vacation…

They “hope” that their staff will finally step up to the plate and help them grow the business…

But the HARSH REALITY is that they will never achieve these things and it’s simply because they don’t plan for it.

They think they can “wing it” or that because the clock strikes midnight on new year’s that all of a sudden everything will be different next year, and their luck will change.

But since when did Father Time ever give a crap about what Lady Luck wanted?

The brutal truth – and the big opportunity – is that most of your competitors are going to get to the end of this year and HOPE that the governments are going to sort this all out for them.

They will live for another 365 days at the mercy of COVID-19, “Breaking News” headlines, the mostly useless governments confirming their ineptitude day-after-day, or they’re going to be taking crap from their staff all year who will dictate how the practice should be run based upon what they read or hear about in the media.

So What Will Make 2023 Different?

I’m sure you do not want another year like 2022.

And exactly how DIFFERENT 2023 is for you will come down to just these three things:

  1. How clear you are on what you want to achieve in 2023 (outcomes/financial target)

  2. How well you can get your team on board with what you want to achieve (your key strategies)

  3. How well you can EXECUTE on what you want to achieve (tactical game plan)

All of these things are what you discover during an Annual Planning meeting.

There isn’t anything more important to do if you want to put an end to working in constant hustle mode and finally get back to thinking about GROWING your practice again.

If you want to take back control of your life and your business – this is how you will do it.

You can always spot a business owner absent of an Annual Plan – he or she is overworked and underpaid.

They’re always tired and they’re always talking about how “in the end” it will come right.

The problem is, they’re still saying that TEN years later and they’re still just as tired and overworked.

Don’t spend all of 2023 being a “busy fool”, working hard but on the wrong things.

I’ve been doing an Annual Planning meeting for many years now – it is a repeatable, non-negotiable event in my calendar every year and all of my team MUST attend.

It is that important.

I’ve tweaked, modified and adapted this Annual Planning meeting over the years and I’ve now got what I believe to be the best version of it that I’ve ever had.

This year, because of the coronavirus situation (and the fact that I have businesses in two different countries) I am going to be forced to do the meeting VIRTUALLY.

It got me thinking that if I’m going to be doing it virtually with my own team, why don’t I do it with yours?

If you’re fed up of 2021, and you’re desperate to get a clear head, some fresh strategies and want to know how to communicate to your team exactly what you want for 2023, then what I have for you is perfect:

Announcing Paul Gough’s, Annual Plan-Along for Private Practice Owners

The 2-Day, Pre-Recorded, Fully Virtual Event Where Paul Gough will Walk You (and Your Team) Through an Entire TWO days of ANNUAL PLANNING for Success in 2023.

How the Plan-Along Works:

There Are Three Parts to The Two Days:

I hosted this event live for 2021 and the principles are so essential and relevant for 2023 that I am sharing the recorded course with you to implement in your clinic again this year. Here’s the format for the two days:

Part 1: Get all of your team clear on the company vision (For 2023 and the next 3-5 years)

Part 2: Getting all of your team clear on the overall STRATEGY (broken up into 3-5 key strategies) for 2023

Part 3: Creating a TACTICAL GAME PLAN so that everyone knows where they stand within the practice and who is responsible (and accountable) for doing what (this is the week-by-week, month-over-month, do this, do that, executable blueprint)

And, Here Are The 10 Steps We Will Take Across The 2-Days:

How it works is really simple:

  1. Access the course through my easy-to-use exclusive member-only site.

  2. Watch the pre-recorded sessions where I speak with 29 other practices so that you can draw ideas and inspiration from their work as we talk through our plans for Growth

  3. The two days are broken up into three sections, and are delivered over 8 x 90 minute sessions (four each day)

  4. Each session across the two days builds upon each other and in each session I give you instructions on what to work on next, ultimately building your plan across the two days

  5. You will work together with your team using white boards and large post it notes, making your plans together, jotting all of your best ideas down onto paper

  6. By the end of the two days, you will have a clear understanding of the major 3-5 obstacles and challenges that your business faces (that will be more than just “needing more patients”)

  7. You will all know precisely what the FINANCIAL target is for 2023 – as well as the 3-5 year goal – and you’ll have clarity on the 3-5 key strategies that will drive your growth

  8. You will know precisely who is responsible for each key strategy (and how to hold them accountable)

  9. You will create a series of follow up meetings across 2023 to ensure you stay on track to achieving the growth strategies (different from your standard day-to-day meetings)

  10. I’ll explain precisely how to hold these follow up meetings and what to do to make them a success

The Result?

  1. You’ll know exactly what you want to achieve financially – and crucially, what is required to achieve it, broken down into a series of easy to achieve targets that all of your team are clear on

  2. By the end of the two days your team will be fully on board and engaged in your plan as they’ve been involved in the creation of said plan (the real secret to getting your team to buy in)

  3. From then on out, you can coach and encourage your team throughout 2023 (rather than fight with, try to convince and simply expect that they will do what you want)

What You Need to Take Part:

  1. Access to a computer in your home or office to log into exclusive member’s site to access the course.

  2. Your team together in your office. Of course, you can do it alone if they won’t join you or you are a “solo” practitioner wanting to start 2023 on the right note.

    Note: You may wish to go through these two days with me on your own, learn how to do it right, then do it with your team at a later date. That is a very good reason to join.

  3. A whiteboard and/or a packet of large post-it notes to draw out your best ideas and come up with the key strategies. This is a workshop where we will be working together and sharing ideas and I’ll also give you handouts to work from ahead of the meeting.

  4. And of course, not forgetting the Pizzas and wine or beer for later in the day when you’re sitting with your team reflecting on a great day of progress and comradery 😊.

Who is it for?

To ensure that the meeting runs smoothly, and that I can give each practice the attention they will need throughout the 2-days, I am limiting the meeting to just 30 Private Practices.

Note: the program will not be made available for re-sale at any time after this event so please register now if you want to get access this information.

It’s for you if:

The focus of the entire two days is to get you clear on your vision for 2023 – and getting your team to back your vision to make it a reality.

You’ll learn how to delegate, how to allocate responsibility to your team and ultimately free you up to run the business without having to feel like you’re doing it all on your own.

I can tell you from experience, when you have the right vision, supported by the right plan, and your people know how to execute that plan, business growth is much easier.

Put another way, it is IMPOSSIBLE to expect to grow a profitable business in 2023 without a real plan.

How to do this, and more, will be achieved during this Annual Planning event that I will be hosting.

The Investment?

You will be pleased to discover that we’ve kept the investment low.

This type of workshop would ordinarily be priced at $5000.

But, because of the ease in which we can run the meeting on a Zoom line, and the fact that we recognize how unprecedented the current situation is, not to mention how important Annual Planning is to business owners of all ages and sizes – we’re keeping the price at just 3 payments of $550 $484.

All seats are on a first come, first served basis.

We’ve got space for just 30 practice owners.

If you want to attend the two-day Annual Plan-Along, please go ahead and reserve your seat right now.

Yes! Count Me In for the 2023 Plan-Along

Just $1500 or 3 x $550 $1300 or 3 x $484

When You Do, Here’s Just Some of What You Will Learn:

Here’s what we covered during this exclusive two-day recorded event:

Perhaps You’ve Tried to do an Annual Planning Meeting – But Weren't Sure You Were Doing It Right?

I know many practice owners who have “dabbled” with doing an Annual Plan and are unsure if they’re doing it right.

Many have listened to parts of my podcast where we have released footage from years gone by of my Annual Planning meetings and they’ve tried to “piece it all together” HOPING that they’re doing it right.

That’s a good start.

But how can you do it RIGHT if you don’t have all of the pieces in the puzzle?

I also know that many make the mistake of NOT FOLLOWING A REAL STRUCTURE for the meeting.

That makes the planning meeting a complete waste of time.

You must ensure that every session builds upon the last one and when you do that, in the end, the plan becomes obvious.

Put another way, miss one step in the annual planning process and you’ll mess the whole thing up.

I know many have also made the mistake of thinking that they can do an entire year's planning – in just one day.

That simply isn’t possible.

Surely no one is that TIME POOR that they’re unable to allocate just two days for the sake of making sure that the next 365 are used wisely.

I think what it mostly boils down to – and this is why so many people avoid doing an annual planning meeting with their team – is that they simply don’t know how to do it RIGHT and they worry it will be a pathetic mess and that they will be criticised by their staff for wasting their time.

If that’s your worry, doing this event with me solves that problem for you.

Which leads me to the next question:

Why Do it With Me?

First off, I’ve done it before!

I’ve “rode this bull” many times.

I’ve paid numerous mentors and coaches to teach me how to do this meeting right and I’ve gone away and done it and learned my own lessons on how to do it better.

I will lead this meeting for you and the benefit will be three-fold:

  1. You can watch and LEARN from me as I do it (taking what you learn with you to do it on your own every year after)

  2. If I am able to facilitate it, it leaves you free to work with your team on finding the answers and growing the relationship with your team

  3. You can be sure it will be done RIGHT and you won’t waste anyone’s time or face criticism after

I’ve done it year after year for many years now and there’s nothing more valuable than this meeting in my calendar.

Let me share with you all my experience of hosting these meetings and ensure that you and your team are discussing and debating the right things across the two days so that your plan is created and sets you up for success as a TEAM in 2023.

What If You Can’t Get Your Team to Commit to Working the Weekend?

That’s ok.

Many won’t be able to get all of their team lined up on this weekend.

Great if you can, but not a problem if you can’t.

You can still attend this weekend and LEARN from me on exactly how to facilitate a meeting with your team that is on a more convenient date.

This can be a learning exercise for you or a practical workshop for you and your team – or both!

If you can’t get your staff together this weekend, you can still spend the weekend with me, get clear on exactly what you want from the business, learn how to organize and facilitate this type of meeting and then be in a much better position to do it with your team at a later date when a more convenient date is available.

And if You’re a Solo Practitioner, Absent of Any Staff, You Should Still Do This with Me…

And if you’re “solo”, here’s why you should still do it:

Most solo-practitioners stay solo because they don’t have a plan for growth.

You still need a clear head and a plan for growth in 2023.

This annual planning meeting is the best first step you can make if you’re serious about wanting to GROW your income past what you can make on your own.

Even if you don’t have a staff yet, this weekend of PLANNING will help you to get clear on what you need to do in 2023 to be able to move from solo to real business owner.

Yes! Count Me In for the 2023 Plan-Along

Just $1500 or 3 x $550 $1300 or 3 x $484

“You can’t stay in crisis mode any longer!”

Q. What if your team won’t/can’t attend?

A. That does not matter. You can view this event to get clear in your own head what you want from 2023 AND learn how to host this meeting so that when you hold it with them at a later date, you’re confident you’re doing it right.

If you have questions, email: paul@paulgough.com or call directly: 407 567 0086

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Paul Gough

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Paul Gough is a small business ICON-WINNER of the award for best in class lead nurture Marketing in 2016 selected across all of Infusionsoft’s 45,000 strong global customers and a former professional soccer Physical Therapist turned successful clinic owner from the UK. He is a published Author who has already grown his own physical therapy business from one clinic to four, and zero to $1m - in record time. What’s most impressive, is this: he’s done all that in a country with a completely free “socialist” health care system (that provides physical therapy services for FREE for all residents), as his main competitor.

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