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“Discover More About The Amazing New Marketing (And Sales) Strategies That Have ‘Leveled The Playing Field’ For Small PT Clinic Owners Competing Against The Big Hospital Systems… And, Quite Literally, Changed The Way That PT Owners Across The U.S Are Able To Acquire Their Own NP’s And Grow A Successful Practice!”

Best bit? You DON’T need to know any MD’s or local doctors to grow your PT practice using these direct to consumer strategies!...

About The PT Profit Academy

The “PT Profit Academy” is a training organization (established by multi-practice owner (4) Paul Gough) that is committed to helping small and independent PT clinic owners in the USA grow their clinics quickly and successfully using Direct Response Marketing strategies.

We help small PT clinic owners (insurance & cash based) with little or no marketing skills to grow their practices without needing referrals from doctors so that they can WIN against big corporate hospitals who dominate the health care market place in small towns.

We also show owners how to create systems in their practice to sell any cash pay services - and charge much higher prices with no resistance - so that they are able to make a huge profit even if insurance companies (like anthem blue cross have done recently in California!) decide to slash reimbursement fees!

We do this so that busy clinic owners can get on with running their practices, serving their patients even better, or enjoying more free time with their families and make more money.

What Other PT Industry Experts Are Saying About Paul Gough

The marketing tips, techniques and mindset offered by Paul are absolute gold. What’s most impressive about Paul is that his business is able to charge $150 per visit in a country where everyone can get physical therapy completely free. How on earth has he pulled it off?...It’s all in this interview and he reveals so much detail that I had make it a two part interview

Dr Jarod Carter Physical Therapy Owner, Austin (TX)
Founder of “The Cash-Based Practice Podcast”

Here, you can listen in on the interview which practically went viral amongst U.S. PT’s who want more successful practices:

Part 1


Part 2


And here’s what another PT Owner said about Paul and this amazing and most revealing of Marketing Tips interviews…

I’ve been following some of the other PTs who are also providing great info for marketing and put some of their ideas in place. BUT, Paul really explained sales and marketing for PTs in a very user friendly way, that made so much sense and I feel I can follow through on. I can’t wait to get started

Denise Schwarz Manual Touch Physical Therapy, Wheeling, (IL)

Who We Help

  1. PT Clinic owners with little or no marketing skills facing increasing competition from chiropractors, large orthopaedic hospitals and POPTS - surviving only on referrals from a limited number of doctors.

  2. Clinic owners whose new patient numbers have “flat lined” - struggling to get extra referrals from doctors (who seem to be getting harder and harder to reach) - and yet still hoping to grow their clinic from 30 patients per week, to 100.

  3. Pt Clinic owners who are already established and doing “ok” – but looking to grow quickly from 125 patients per week, to 200 – and need a marketing system to help them get there faster.

  4. Independent, multi-practice pt clinic owners who, (in their own words), want “total domination of their County and beyond” as they grow their clinics from a chain of 2 or 3, to 4, 5 (and even 6 in size) – who know that having a marketing system for catching more new patients is the fastest way to get there. 

Case Study: Cash PT Raises Prices & Gets Better Internal Sales Systems Increasing Revenue

I had been searching for a long time to find the right person with the right experience, enthusiasm and motivation to help me grow my cash based practice …Paul is that person and what I like about Paul is that he is doing himself what he teaches you to do. Yes, he teaches you the marketing and sales stuff you really need…but he offers so much more than that – he’s helped with my mindset and the culture of my business too. Almost immediately Paul had helped me generate more revenue simply by changing our internal sales systems and improving the way both myself and my employees are connecting with our current patients. Paul… boy I am I glad I met you… and I’m very excited to see all of the other ideas you have for me up your sleeve!

Hina Sheth Rebalance PT
Cash Based Practice, Centre City, Philadelphia (PA)

About Paul Gough

Paul Gough is a published Author, former professional soccer pt, weekly newspaper columnist, multi pt clinic owner (4) from the UK and a leading provider of sales and marketing information to small and independent pt’s in the USA.

In response to declining referrals from doctors in his own business, Paul spent more than $55,000 (in one year) of his own money studying the best sales and marketing systems of the most successful businesses in the USA.

First of all Paul made these strategies for attracting new patients work in his own clinics ( - and now they are being used by pt clinics to get more referrals from Direct Access and more referrals from past patients - as his online training courses continue to be sold all across America.

He works personally with pt’s in many different towns and counties, each with different laws of Direct Access – ranging from an independent multi-practice owner in Orange County (California), all the way over to a small town pt clinic facing fierce competition from chiropractors in Rochester Hills (Michigan).

Paul has a young son named “Harry”, loves to travel and learn (at the same time!) and he now splits his time between running his (4) clinics in the UK – and working personally with pt’s in his business success programs in the USA. When in the U.S, he and his family are based in La Jolla, San Diego.

Case Study: Solo PT Owner DOUBLES Practice New Patient In-Take In Under 3 Months

When I first met Paul I was stuck… referrals from doctors were dropping off and I couldn’t get past 25 visits per week … I hired Paul and he quickly put a marketing system in place at my clinic to reach out directly to people in my town… The result? Within 3 months, I’ve doubled the number of appointments at my practice… I’ve been able to hire a full time secretary meaning I do less of the paper work… and I’m now searching for a PT assistant so that I can spend even more time on the marketing and growing my practice to 100 visits per week under Paul’s guidance. Thank you Paul.

Oliver Patalinghug Restore Physical Therapy LLC Rochester Hills, (MI)


This site – is basically the place where Paul Gough shows other PT’s how he has been able to create so much success in business (when he started his first clinic (from a spare room at his apartment back in 2007), he started with nothing … he literally spent ZERO money to start the business… and he had NO experience. It’s been a wild ride).

The website is the place for him to share what he’s learning, what marketing strategies he’s currently using, the lessons he’s learned and even the mistakes he’s made… and most importantly of all, this site is about YOU and showing you what’s working RIGHT NOW in the Physical Therapy industry to help you reach your own goals and create your own success story.

More PT Profit Academy Members Talk About Paul Gough...

Paul is refreshingly honest, straight-forward and easy to talk to and I love his no-nonsense approach to direct marketing. You’ll find with Paul that he is up front about what to expect, and more importantly, he is honest enough to tell you what NOT to expect, as far as a massive influx of new patients happening by tomorrow. I’ve recommend him to other PT owners who have been equally impressed with their results.

Dean Volk Multi-clinic owner
Volk PT, Concord, (NC)

Because Paul is a physical therapist from outside of the U.S system, he has not been indoctrinated in the same, often limiting school of thought as many of us have when trying to grow our clinics - I’ve found that gives him a distinct advantage as he brings a fresh perspective to every marketing or sales problem I've ever asked him to tackle...

Scott Gilbert Multi-clinic owner
Canyon PT. Scottsdale, (AZ)

How To Kick Start Your Own
PT Business Success

The easiest way to start is by receiving regular tips from Paul to improve your clinic marketing skills. Do that by clicking here to claim your free pdf report on the current best ways to market your PT Clinic. It’s a free report which shows you 9 ways to get new patients to your clinic, even if you cant get referrals from doctors. Just click the image below to request this free report: