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Paul Gough Provides The Training, Courses And Turn Key Systems You Need To Make Immediate Improvements In Your Business

Online Program Income Explosion

Online Program Income Explosion

Four Part Program Reveals How to Create, Market and Sell Your First Evergreen Online Program.

Price: $1500

Learn how to create and market an online program that generates revenue weeks, months and even years after you create it.

If you’ve always wanted to sell an online program, or you just want another revenue stream for your practice, this program will teach you how.

Telehealth Income Explosion

Telehealth Income Explosion

The Essential Program to Protect Your PT Business from The Financial Chaos Caused By the Coronavirus.

Price: $1250

Get up-to-date on EVERYTHING you need to get started with Telehealth legally, get your first clients within days, and know how to diagnose and treat patients online as successfully as if they were in your clinic. Best, we can INSURE YOUR BUSINESS against the economic chaos that is about to unfold and STILL make this your best year ever.

New Patient Accelerator

12 Week New Patient Accelerator Program

Join Paul Gough and Other PT Owners on This Exclusive DONE WITH YOU training program

This is your chance to personally work with Paul Gough and his team for 12 weeks on a global video seminars broadcast - you’ll discover the complete blueprint to attract all the new patients that you need, transform your website and direct marketing – and increase your new patient intake by 50% to 250% in the next 12 months.

Effortless Selling System

"Effortless Selling System

Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Sales Skills and Increase Your Cash-Pay Conversions!

Price: $5000

Learn how to protect yourself from the dramatic rise in patients not wanting to pay ‘cash’ or ‘out-of-pocket’ for PT by quickly acquiring the world's best and most ethical selling skills perfect for healthcare providers.

Business Growth School

Physical Therapy Business Growth School

The Complete BLUEPRINT To Automate And Systemize EVERYTHING In Your Business So That It Grows Without You.

Price: $3400

This is for Physical Therapy business owners serious about growing their business with ease. You should expect your 6 weeks on this Systems and Automation Master Class Program to completely change the direction of your PT business - and your lifestyle.

For new and existing PT businesses, on “PT Business Growth School”, you will create systems that will uncover a goldmine of opportunities in your clinic’s standard operating procedure, giving both you and your PT business a great deal of more financial freedom - for NOT an awful lot of effort.

Double your profit

Double Your Profit Per Patient

The 7 Step Strategy For Maximizing Profits At Your Physical Therapy Practice

Price: $997

Discover the power of growing your physical therapy practice profits WITHOUT spending more money on Marketing. On this instant access video seminar program you’ll discover how to generate tens of thousands of EXTRA dollars in profit in the next 90 days… EVEN IF you’ve got a “tight” marketing budget or the Insurance companies continue to SLASH your rates - or even HALF your fees!

30 Days To New Patient Profits

30 Days To New Patient Profits

Discover 7 Different Ways To Attract 20 New Patients To Your Practice, In The Next 30 Days

Price: $447

The future of your physical therapy clinic depends upon your ability to attract a regular supply of new patients to your practice without getting a single referral from a doctor – if you understand that this is the single most important business activity you will ever do – and you are willing to spend just two hours of your time mastering how to do it – this course will give you everything you need to dramatically improve your clinics new patient numbers and profits.

Selling To Serve

Selling To Serve

Discover How To Truly Sell The Value Of What You Do – And Copy The New Generation of Heart-Centered PT’s Creating Profitable AND Successful Businesses That Serve More People Better.

Price: $497

If you have a desire to give more, to have an impact on more people, to build a sustainable and heart-centered PT Business around those great skills that you developed at PT School – it's vital that you master your selling and influence skills, just like you've mastered your craft.

Selling to Serve” is your chance to SERVE MORE - and EARN MORE. It is a 4-part, online video seminar-training program for Physical Therapists who want to serve more people better - and earn a higher income for doing so.

New Patient Overload

New Patient Overload

Attract More New Patients Than You Need Using Simple Old School Marketing Strategies

Price: $2000

If you’re tired of constantly blowing time and money on traditional marketing campaigns to patients or doctors that provide you with little, if any, extra referrals…

…then it’s time to order “New Patient Overload” - a completely new way of using old school marketing techniques that'll generate an endless flow of your ideal patients who are eager to want to comply with your treatment plans.

You get all the videos, tools, templates and resources to practically guarantee you get your clinic to the Next Level and above your competition…even if doctors stop referring to your clinic.

7 non-tech ways to get more cash clients

7 “Non-Tech” Ways To Get More Cash Clients

Essential Strategies For Physical Therapists

Price: $347

Learn new, proven ways to acquire more high paying cash patients – quickly and easily. On this “quick action” course perfect for Physical Therapists who know they want more patients and more profits, Paul Gough shows you fast, easy and “non-tech” ways to compel MORE prospective new patients to inquire about YOU online, to pick up the phone and call YOU, or walk through YOUR clinic doors.

This course is jam-packed and fast-paced, and everything you learn from it is designed to be ‘actionable’ immediately. Please tell your office staff to expect more new clients within 48 hours.

Hassle Free Staff

Hassle Free Staff

Finally For PT’s - The Three Pillars of Effective, Profitable And Hassle Free Staff

Price: $97

In this course, Paul Gough walks you through some of his most clever (and never before seen) tactics for creating an office culture that is so good it will leave even your clients EAGER to refer their friends and come back to you (and only you) as their PT specialist.

Paul’s “Three Pillars of Effective, Profitable and Hassle-Free Staff” course is not one of those boring courses about hiring and firing. NO! It’s about getting everything you can out of the office staff that you’ve currently got. In this powerful course, you’ll learn how to train staff not only to master skills quickly (such as scheduling appointments, never forgetting paperwork, and more), but to build the “habit of cheerfulness” into the very culture of your clinic.