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“I’m Glad I Got Good At Finding My Own Patients… Because I”m not very good at taking “flack” from insurance companies AND I got SICK of asking Doctors for Referrals (who wouldn’t even return my calls) So I decided early on That I Was Either Going to Build a Cash-Based Business or Go OUT of Business. Here’s My Story...”

Read On To Find Out More About How A Regular “Small Town” Physical Therapist Grew A Multi-Location, Multi-Million Dollar CASH PAYING Clinic, In A Country Where Physical Therapy Is Widely Available Free... And Then “Unexpectedly” Became The Source Of Profitable Business Tactics To Other PT’s In The USA (And Now Around The World) Looking To Escape the Insurance Trap and Run More Profitable “Cash Rich” Clinics…

From The Desk Of PT Paul Gough.

Dear Physical Therapist,

What I’d like you to know about me right away is that I’m a regular PT clinic owner, just like you.

I’m a “small town” PT who started my own clinic (I now run 4) because I got sick and tired of working for somebody else. I was constantly asking my self “Is it even worth it?” and I didn’t think I’d ever fully achieve my earning potential as a PT, as long as I continued to be “employed”.

Early on in my career I worked for a Professional Soccer Team (in the UK) where I was “Head PT” in charge of the medical department and responsible for the fitness of “elite” multi-million dollar professional soccer players.

But even then, I knew I could do better for myself.

So, at the age of 27 I decided to trade the “security” of a job for the benefits (and the chance for wealth) of being “my own boss”... so I took a bold leap of faith and decided to quit my job and start my own PT practice in the small town where I lived, an economically poor region, in the North East of England, called “Hartlepool”.

Truth be known, I began seeing patients out of a spare space in my own home because I couldn’t afford the rent that would have been involved with a premises on a commercial strip.

But, not long after I started out, I soon had enough cash paying patients and one or two “ins” with some big insurance companies. This made me confident enough to rent my own commercial space.

But, I knew it was going to be hard.

And that all of the odds were firmly stacked against me right from the start!


Like You, I Was Fighting
Against The System...

And that made it very hard…

Asking anyone to pay “in cash” for something they perceive they can get given free (paid for by the Government or Insurance), was always going to be difficult – no matter what industry or country you’re in.

That’s right – the “Underdog Story” of my success is that everything you’re about to read happened in the UK where Physical Therapy is available FREE to all residents who need it.

Anyhow, thanks to a growing number of referrals from some big insurance companies in the UK, I got going.

And, I don’t mind admitting that I was doing financially well running my own practice for the first few years.

But here’s the thing:

I was being controlled by Big Insurance Companies And Doctors Would Only Refer To Their Friends or In-House

In the beginning, much like most PT’s around the world, I took whatever work and referrals I could get – from who ever I could – just to pay the bills.

And, that meant me “getting into bed” with a lot of big insurance companies and accepting their patients, their complex billing procedures and their terms and conditions – just because it seemed that there was no other way to survive as a PT.

I’d say that I relied upon these big insurance companies for about 80% of my clinics' income for the first 3 or 4 years that I was running my practice.

But, slowly and surely, things would start to change for PT’s.

Particularly as the recession hit and the Government began to change legislation in the UK making it harder for insurance companies to make a profit, meaning ALL insurance companies were looking for ways to save money.

And that meant “squeezing” every dollar they could from any provider they had – PT’s included.

It got so bad that I’d often come into the office to ANOTHER email from ANOTHER big supplier TELLING me that they would be dropping their fees by as much as 50%, as of that day - and that we’d now have to wait 90 days before we could expect to be paid out.


EVERY Other PT Out There Told Me That There Was No Other Way, And I’d Be an “Insurance Slave” Forever...

At the time, it was quite worrying to think that the future of my businesses, my income, and my family’s lifestyle were effectively in the hands of some big insurance companies.

...And that I was completely at the mercy of a Government who could change legislation whenever they wanted to. But, every PT in the UK was affected.

And each of us saw a huge drop in the profit that we made per case referred to us by an Insurance company or a Lawyer.

Don’t get me wrong, the demand was still there, at least it was at first, but we were all now set for a lifetime of working longer hours for much less profit at the end of the month – and waiting longer to get our hands on it.

As I look back, I see the same problem with “mentality” that’s continued to happen with PT’s in the USA, UK, and beyond.

Just about every PT’s I ever spoke too, any web forums I looked at, or even trade magazines I read, told stories of PT’s who seemed to be happy convincing each other that we were all “doomed”. It’s like pessimistic takeover.

So I Decided To Prove Them All Wrong And Find the most Profitable and Effective “New Patient Acquisition” Strategies of the Top 1% of PT’s in the Entire WORLD!

I knew that there had to be another way of attracting more of my ideal patients – even if I had to convince them to pay in “cash” out of their own pockets.

So, what I did was this:

I travelled back and forth to the United States and attended MANY business building and marketing seminars in the hope of finding the solution to my problem. Which was: “how do I attract more high paying cash patients to visit my PT clinic EVERY DAY?”.

And, it was in a seminar room in “Chicago” that I picked up on the effective (and often AUTOMATED) marketing strategies that would drive huge profits for my clinic (and now other PT’s around the world...)

Realising that I was on to something that no other PT was aware of – I made some more trips to the USA. And, I sat in conference halls all around the country – including: Charleston, Orlando, New Orleans, St.Louis, Atlanta, Phoenix and Texas to name just a few.

Heck, I almost went BROKE learning as much as I could about marketing... because I was desperate to leave “big insurance” behind me.

Why did I invest so much?

Because every time I studied these successful “Marketing Strategies” and understood them further, finding my ideal patients became easier and my bank account grew like never before.

The Result: $50-60 Grand Per Month – On Autopilot – In Less Than 13 Months, And A Saleable Asset Worth $1.7 Million Dollars

Now, I knew that what I was learning had the potential to work.

I believed in it so much because I’d seen and heard so many stories of other business owners who’d had the type of success using it, that I knew I could make it happen (even as a non-techie, “regular” PT guy).

But, when I first started off - I always had a fear that “Direct Response” Marketing might not work FOR ME (or in PT land at all)!

Moreover: I knew that I could be left looking foolish (and stupid) if people found out that I’d maxed out credit cards and borrowed money to invested over $50,000 to cover air fares, hotels bills and buying tickets to BIG seminars that would regularly cost at least $2,000 each time – not to mention sacrificing time that I could have been spending with my new son Harry who was just 1 month old at the time.

But after all the doubt, the fear and all the worry, my “risk taking” and my sacrifice paid off for me.

The result of all that risk taking, sacrifice and investing money in my education to how learn how to run a PT business differently from everyone was this:

Less than 13 months after taking that first flight to “Chicago” I own a PT company that has 4 clinics in 4 different towns that is generating $50-60 grand per month – in cash – with or without me in the office.

Because of the goodwill I have in my market place, the huge volume of repeat patients that I have in my database AND the marketing systems I have in place which produce high revenue on auto-pilot, I now have a saleable asset worth well over $1,700,000.00 dollars.

As Well As More Money, I Found More Time For Family and Travel - And The Kind Of Satisfaction I Wanted All Along...

I realise now that cash patients are much easier to work with.

In fact, I’m glad I got good at finding my own patients… because I’m not very good at taking “flack” from insurance companies and it wouldn’t have been long before I “blew up” with one or all of them”

Now, I make more for doing less, and I’ve got more time to spend at home with my family because of it. And besides, working with high paying cash patients… it’s more fun too ;-)


Well, it’s simply because patients who are motivated enough to want pay for the type of better health care we provide (than the insurance or free system available to them), they’re just much more likely to do as you recommend.

Think about it:

If someone else (insurance companies) is paying for a their treatment, they don’t really have as much of an interest in the outcome as you think:

…Have you ever given exercises or education to a patient at your clinic knowing FULL WELL that he or she isn’t going to do them?

Well, I know for certain that when patients are paying you $100 (or more) per session for your advice and guidance, they’re sure going to go off an do everything you say because now they have their health AND their finances invested in this relationship with you.

So believe me – when you start working with highly motivated, high paying cash patients, watch how much you and ALL your staff will enjoy coming into work each day.

And don’t underestimate what happens when you’re only working with highly motivated, high paying cash patients – because they’re taking your advice, following through on the full course of the treatment you recommended AND doing the exercises you showed, more POSITIVE results happen and patients leave even happier – and more likely to want to come back AND tell everyone how good you are.

And who do they tell?

Only friends and family who are just like them – health conscious and in a position to want to pay cash for the best PT they can possibly find (and yes, that will be YOU).

I Became Known As Britain’s First “Cash Only PT” and TONS of Other Clinic Owners Wanted to “See Under the Hood” of my Business

Now, because I refuse to work with most insurance companies, and because I’m very selective about who I even let into my PT clinics (meaning I get very little hassle from anyone) all those other PT’s back in Britain are now seriously green with envy.

And, maybe the fact that I charge twice as much as most of them doesn’t help either :-)

Seriously, nearly all my competitors back In the UK are “sick”, “envious”, “jealous” (and some “broke”) and all because I’m able say NO to most insurance companies and choose who I want to let into my clinics.

I know that most PT’s in Britain refer to me as “Britain’s First Cash Only PT” and I’m known as the Physical Therapist who “beat” the freebie system and proved that PT’s could run successful and profitable cash based clinics…

But, most of them have no clue that they can use the exact “Success Blueprint” for marketing and profits that I used in my business - without all the “trial and error” hassle and traveling that I had to go through for myself (I’ll show you how in a minute).

Let me tell you about this too…

I’ve Since Bought Into Real Estate, And Even Did A Deal With “WALMART” To Secure A Regular Stream Of Patients

Thanks to everything I learned about profitable marketing strategies which gave me almost certain ability to attract new (and past) patients to my clinic AT WILL, I built not just a very profitable PT business, BUT also a stable business too.

And that made me very attractive and appealing to the banks.

…Which made it very easy for me to approach them when I wanted to invest in Real Estate for my PT clinic and buy our own professional offices on a commercial strip.

photos of Paul Gough's clinics

So far, I’ve bought TWO of my PT clinics premises (which patients are effectively buying for me) and I’m making plans to invest further, sometime this year.

On top of all that, because of the success we are having and the headlines we’ve been making back in the UK, “WALMART” approached us and asked if we would provide our Physical Therapy service to any of it’s sick or injured employees who live in the small towns that I operate in.

Even After My Own PT Success, I Continue To Learn from Some of the Best Marketers and “Client Acquisition” Experts on the Planet!

Now, despite everything that’s been going on and the explosive growth of my business, I’m never to busy to learn new things and thanks to the “automation” in my marketing, I often have MORE time than most business owners who are struggling.

And with that time, I’m still regularly traveling to America to work with my different coaches and attend business building events and seminars.

And it was while I was at an airport hotel in “Chicago”, attending one of these events with fellow business owners from all across America, I got asked to speak on stage and talk about the different strategies I was using to grow my practice and make it as profitable as it is now.

Obviously, at first I was a little hesitant. After all, I’m just a small town PT who was there to learn like anyone else!

But I did get on stage and shared my story, and I realised that I knew a lot more than I had given myself credit for – and just as importantly, I realised that I could now easily show any other PT business owner how to do what I had done - with LESS time and effort than it took me to build my $1.7M business!

“Paul… Why Don’t You Share Your System With PT’s In The U.S.A?…”

After my first talk on stage, I was asked to come back and do it again.

“Next time it was to be in Atlanta”.

And, eventually I was told that I should really give some thought to finding a way to share my system and help other PT business owners all across America.

And why not?

After all, there’s NO direct competition for me over here in America.

I’m free to share my marketing secrets, my clever price strategies, all my best customer service tips and staff training system with American PT’s, without ever harming my own business’s profits, back in the UK.

Of course, since I started out I’ve attracted a lot of interest from PT’s in the UK, as well as ones from Canada, Australia and Europe too.

How much interest?

Well, on the very first day of launching this website aimed at helping PT’s in America, over 13,000 people opted into my email list (crashing my server) and since then, over 43,000 PT’s (at the time of writing) are receiving regular “tips” from me in emails, reading my blog posts, investing in my training courses, or involved in my coaching groups.

I was flattered, and at first was a little “freaked out” by it.

But I’m not complaining!

Everyone has been “super nice” to me and I really appreciate that.

I know that the Physical Therapy world in America is sort of a ‘closed community’, and with me being an “underdog” PT from England, I appreciate everyone making me feel so welcome.

So anyway, here I am, and offering you access to everything that I know about building a profitable cash based PT business, and how to make lots of money whilst having lots of fun doing it with plenty of time left over for spending with your family.

If that sounds like something YOU’D be interested in knowing more about…

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Here’s to YOUR success in business too ;-)

Paul Gough.